Mikeu Primary School


History of the school

Mikeu primary school is located in Dundori sub location,Dundori location,Nakuru North sub county.It is located at Nakuru- Dundori-Olkalau junction.the school was started in 1959 and was officially opened by the the governorof the protectorate of Kenya Sir Everlyne Baring. The intention was to cater for the children of foret workers in Dundori forest. Upto date the school caters children of peasant farmers in Dundori who wholly depend on shamba system of farming in the area.

Currently the shambas are becoming fewer and fewer making the community live in poverty. The parents cannot fully cater for their children.

Presently the school has a population of 967 pupils, 477 boys and 490 girls. It has 25 members of teaching staff and two support staff. The performance of the school has not been that good and this has been caused by lack of cooperation or inadequate support by the community.

Absenteeism is also an issue in the school due to these pupils being involve in farming activities.

The physical structures in the school are old, dilapidated and do not meet the standards of the ministry of education.

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